About EASY Photography


I''m  Dave Farmer and I own EASY Photography which is an organisation that enables me to teach photographers  how to improve their level of expertise.

I have been a photographer for many years and, like most other people, my formative years were spent taking family snaps of anything and anyone without having any understanding of what to do with my camera apart from pointing it at a subject and pressing the shutter button to take a photo.

About 10 years ago I decided to  improve my photography skills and purchased an entry level DSLR camera. Since then I've worked hard and raised my level of expertise to the high level it's at now. I read all the books. I camped out on youtube. I reached out for any other information I thought would help me. What I realised was that the level of expertise in photography tuition was and remains pretty low in many cases. Fortunately, I came across the perfect mentor who saved my photography career with his excellent teaching. Suddenly everything became clear and straightforward.   I ditched my other learning materials and I applied myself to constant practice to become an "in the field" photographer. Being out there where the action is teaches you how to become an accomplished photographer far better than books and videos ever will.

I decided my photography ambition was to also be a teacher with new methods and a simpler approach and to be able to  pass on my knowledge to as many photographers as possible. Hence the birth of EASY Photography

  • I've  helped thousands of people on a number of Facebook photography groups. I've seen just about every problem that someone could come across and I've been able to offer an appropriate solution to those problems. In addition to the straight answer required I provide extensive and educative background information that enables the person with the problem to be able to think through things in the field so that next time they can work out their own solution on the spot. I don't just say "do this, that and the other". I explain how "this, that and the other" works and what all the pros and cons are.

  • I have mentored many people situated in many countries using video call software. 

  •  I'm pleased to say that every one of those people have seen their level of photography improve, some by leaps and bounds.


  • I am an exhibited photographer. 


  • I am the official photographjer to a Peregrine Falcon protection project  run by a wildlife trust.

As you will have seen from the home page I've made it my goal to remove many of the complications that abound in photography and replace them with EASY alternatives .

I teach in a conversational style that's EASY to understand.

You won't see me teach "the exposure  triangle" - often an insuperable issue that flummoxes many beginners. I teach an EASY alternative. 

You won't see me teaching "depth of field" - even the term puts many people off. I teach an EASY alternative. 

You won't see me teaching histograms in depth. I teach an EASY much shorter alternative which is more than enough to enable photographers to understand how histograms can help to avoid unwanted issues. 

The above are just three examples   of how I can make your photography life EASY.