Welcome to EASY Photography

Photography has always had a leaning towards being complicated. This applies to terminolgy and  camera techniques and settings.  They are the first things new photographers hit up against   and, frequently, the obstacles they present  convince new photographers  that they decided on the wrong hobby/pastime. Those that manage to get over these  first hurdles soon hit other areas of complication. Then there's the social media sites for photography where everyone is an "expert".   Experts   who might come up with over 100 "solutions" to a straightforward question. No wonder those who ask for help end upin a hopeless state of confusion.

Sadly, many photpography educators perpetuate difficulties. They tend to stick to the old ways. Often there's no forward thinking - "we've done it this way for years, why change now" ?  So the new photographer especially has a heck of a job finding someone to get him/her into  clear, calm, progressive, productive ways - EASY ways.

We do away with a lot of those old ways and innovate new ones  to remove  many of the complication from photography so that you find  an EASY   way to learn how to become proficient in this amazing  hobby/pastime. 

Our new EASY approach will make you feel muc h more comfortable with the learning process. We do away with some of the photography myths that have endured.  One of the main ones is that you MUST do certain things  most of the time.  That approach is borne of lack of knowledge about photography. We  rarely use the word MUST. Instead we advise what WILL work well and what MIGHT be a good alternative.  That provides you with choices.  

Here's the thing.

All this is done without compromising on obtaining quality images.


We teach using  diagrams,  animations and videos and,  of course,  we show you lots of our top quality images.


We are "in the field photographers" which means that whilst we know all the theory (and that's essential to know), we can get the quality job done out there where photos are taken in lots of different conditions and scenarios. We want you to be "in the field" photographers too. One of the main benefits of that will be that you should be able to solve problems on the spot, adjust your technique or settings and bring home many more keepers.

We can show you how it's possible to take a large number of photos in a day's shoot without having to change any settings. Now that's making the task EASY.

If you want to be the best that you can be join us.